Quick Fix: 5 Interior Design Styling Hacks February 22, 2022

Quick Fix: 5 Interior Design Styling Hacks

Here our design director Faye Robinson-Hey gives some easy styling tips and tricks to elevate your home and make it look luxurious in the short term without splurging on expensive items

1)Bed Dressing

Give your bedroom some hotel styling by dressing your bed with style. By simply adding some plush cushions and a bed throw to the end of your standard duvet and bed pillows you can give it an elevated, luxury feel. We like to use standard white sheets and pillows and then layer the bed with 3 x square cushions and 2 x smaller rectangle ones in front of those, adding a third smaller/bolster cushion in front of the front two can work great also. Keep pattern minimal and use similar, tonal colours , add a throw to the end of the bed, faux furs or velvet work great for winter and lighter quilted or silk effect ones can be used in summer

2) Style your home with the rule of 3

Make sure your home is styled to perfection, shelves, side cabinets, bedside tables and coffee tables can be elevated by using simple high street styling items, H&M, Zara, Amara all do a great selection of dressing items such as vases, ceramic pots, candles and faux foliage. Use the rule of three which means grouping different items in groups of 3, (or 5 or 7) this odd number gives visual interest, use items that are at different heights, shape and texture to give a premium, design-led aesthetic.

3)Home Scent

Use scented candles, wax melts and diffusers to give your home a pleasing aroma, giving a lovely smell to your home is inviting and gives it a clean, considered hotel feel, if your home smells beautiful it will instantly set the tone when guests visit. Scents can also be extremely uplifting and have a direct impact on your mental wellbeing so take care when selecting products and pick smells that lift your mood. Try mixing it up and having clean, fresh scents for daytime and more decadent, musky scents for evenings to help energise you during the day and aid rest in the evenings.


Keep your bathrooms looking hotel chic by simply using all white towels, plush white towels look clean, smart and high end, having coloured and patterned towels out on display gives your bathroom a cheap and chaotic feel, you can also add to the hotel feel by adding smaller rolled up white towels and flannels to an inexpensive rattan or woven basket if you have the space. As with towels keep bath mats simple and chic-  white or wood ones work well and if you can close away those plastic coloured bottles of shampoo and bath products when guests are round make sure you do.

5) Lamps

Use freestanding lamps instead of bright wall lights, downlights and pendant lights which can often give your home a stark, cold feel. Use a selection of table and floor lamps to give a much nicer, softer feel to your home in the evenings. Concealed LED strip used as shelf lighting is also a easy and affordable way of elevating interiors with ambient lighting. Use warm white temperature LED and lamps as opposed to neutral or cool white light temperature as this will give a warmer, more comforting glow, it is surprising the difference the colour temperature of lamps (bulbs) can make to a space. Also use lighting dimmers (or dimming systems) where possible as this gives flexibility and allows you to use pendant lights and wall lights as ambient mood light in conjunction with your table and floor lamps.



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Easy styling tips and tricks to elevate your home.

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